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The website was started in 1998, when my sons and I needed some kind of activity during a rainy summer week. Since then the website has developed into a huge portal and resource about an important part of 20th century shipping and Swedish corporate history. The site also plays a central part in my interest in the Swedish - American heritage.

Omdöme om min bok

Thoughts in general Posted on Mar 17, 2011 07:40:54

Katarina Thunell har skrivit ett omdöme om “Dagar då livet förändras” i sin blogg.

An American Road Trip in 1954

About SAL Posted on Mar 17, 2011 07:34:20

My father was a member of a Swedish Men’s Choir which made a two month tour of the USA in 1954, leaving Sweden on August 25 and returning on October 22. Such a long non-profit tour involving 40 middle aged men, leaving their jobs and families, mostly paying their way themselves, or through contributions along the tour, would be difficult to repeat today.

The choir made the westbound crossing on the Gripsholm of 1925 and the eastbound crossing on the Kungsholm of1953. I have now made seven web pages about the tour. The Lindsborg Convention and Visitors Bureau in Lindsborg, Kansas, has posted a link to the pages on their facebook page.

Lindsborg keeps the Swedish heritage alive. Click on their “like” button on facebook!

See the web pages about the road trip here.