Lis Brokmose has been in touch with singer Hanna Owen,

and I have received the following messages from Hanna in Florida:

Hello from Hanna Owen-Toemmervik. Madelein (Lis B) told me that you sent a hello to me and I send one back to you. We live in Florida, so we are warmer than you are in New England. I am sorry your wife is having health problems, hopefully she will do well again soon…

…Gerrit VanTriest and I worked together for years even after we both moved to Florida, until about 2 years ago, when I could no longer reach him, his phone has been disconnected and no address given of a move, I am afraid of the worst, BUT I hope he has moved back to Holland ( without telling me which would be strange).

I am glad you and your wife are doing well, thank you for your e-mail and please keep in touch….